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“Wait, you’re with Fiyori?”

Shit, that was a name Jeremy hadn’t thought of in a while. Fiyori Senay. She was… a friend? An acquaintance? He wasn’t quite sure. There was a point where she had annoyed him, yeah. When she had blamed him for something he couldn’t remember that he knew he didn’t do. When she’d brought up bad memories. She was… fun though? Friendly. She’d talked with him a little, back then. About… things he couldn’t remember. She’d given him food. He remembered that. He had fun with her. He remembered that. He also… wanted to say sorry. He remembered that. How he’d suddenly left. How he’d gotten angry and how he didn’t want to show it and how he’d removed himself from the situation in order to do that.

Ideally, he would have asked if he could follow Alba. Go to see Fiyori. Give the apology himself, as minor as it was.

The other main name she’d given prevented that from happening, though.

Because Brendan… was a prat. A special snowflake. Someone Jeremy did not like, even back then. He was one of those people who expected the whole world to revolve around him. One of those people who just couldn’t understand why people might not like him or any of the things he did. Jeremy had heard his name on the announcements, of course. He’d killed two people. Jeremy had a pretty good idea as to why. Even if he hadn’t, though? Jeremy wouldn’t have asked. The idea of having to spend his last days with fucking Brendan wasn’t really an appealing one, to be honest.

So no.

Jeremy couldn’t meet up with Fiyori.

Maybe he could do the next best thing though?

“I’ve been around that area of the island all morning and I haven’t seen anyone other than my two buddies,” he said, pointing at the side he’d came from. “So no, I haven’t seen any of the people you’ve mentioned.”


Hang on a moment.

“Except for Jonathan, though. I’ve seen him. He came to the bell tower when I rang it the first day and I think I may have seen him back at the Doctor’s offices yesterday?”


He’d seen a shape sorta like that when he was walking through.

He could have been wrong, though.

“Anyway. My turn to ask now.”

He reached up, stretched out his- ow, bruise - hair a little bit. Ruffled it.

“The three killers you mentioned. You think that there’s a chance that they’re going to do it again?”
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