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keep running yoshi
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Ben nodded along for nobody's benefit, least of all his own.

Maybe he'd never expected Penelope's plan to work out, it could have been a weighted cross to bear as a martyr as easily. But Lili and Kizi proved that Ben's distrust and disgust in his classmates, as much as it had become the blood that curdled in his veins, was still not entirely founded. For once it felt great to be proven wrong. Well. Great was a strong word but shit, he'd take it.

Ben didn't have anything to say. He could merely enjoy the new energy that had revitalized their group, familiar like the parched burning of the Kingman sun. He could stand there on his bow-legged flat-footed ass and silently take it all in like a creep. It all sounded good, great even. Ben had to give a shout out to that dude up in the sky, much as he'd deigned to forget Him over the past few days. Something this convenient was the kind of plan that God got old dudes to preach about to his flocks, or however it was the shepherd metaphor was supposed to work.

One thing did distract him though. Drew his eyes probably bulging right out of his head all dumb and oafish, drool bubble slithering out of his mouth strictly optional.

"We're going to need..." Ben jerked his thumb at the gun Kizi had to her terrorist-unsullied name. "I hate to say it, but we need insurance. Security."

A pause, too damn long, and Ben felt the spine crawl of incompetence for being useless enough to hold up the flow of some good ass conversation and planning between people far his superior.

"I know the basics on how to shoot. An old... a friend. A friend taught me how to dare," he finished, lamely as the crutches he probably belonged in.
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