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He fucked up again and now he was going to die. A summary by Alan Banks, who understood what was going on when Isabel grabbed the gun and he couldn’t even stretch his arm in time. He even started to see all those flashbacks everyone talked about. He saw all his failures since he woke up on the island. He never got to do something really good or evil. Everything was just trial and error. And that’s how he’d be remembered. That loser. The fact that it sounded anticlimactic pleased him, but waiting there until he bled out just wasn’t his style.

If he had just done something horrible he would have had an excuse to try to do something good and make one of those last-minute redemption arcs. But... He didn’t need it. He was still as chaotic as ever and of course he wouldn’t play by those rules. If he wanted to do something, he’d find a way of doing something. His reasoning? No reasoning. Edgy till the grave.

Would he even get a grave? Who cares about that. Time to take action.

The moment Alan saw Isabel pointing the gun at one of the girls, he threw the upper part of his body into her legs. Even when he only managed to get the left one, his muscles were enough to disrupt her. The effort exhausted him, and his vision became even blurrier.

Another gunshot. Alan waited. None of those two blots dropped to the floor or screamed in pain.

He tried to take in some air but failed. Oh, how much he wished to be able to laugh at her and call her a bitch.

Who would have said that Alan at this point could have saved anyone. Redemption completed. He did something useful and that little victory was enough to avoid feeling like the complete loser he had been all this time. No more being hard on himself, right? At this point he didn’t really know if he was trying to lie to himself one last time. Not like it mattered.

Alan Banks deserved a rest now.

#B045 Alan Banks: Deceased
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