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She felt shame: deep down, she knew he should have killed him but she was afraid. Her name in the annoucement would be exposing to the island. Everyone would hear her name but it didn't matter anymore.


She was cut off by the words of anger of Jae. She felt horrible. Her guys were twisting inside of her like a worm on a fishing pole as a bait. The mental image of her intestines squirming around almost made her vomit.


Cut off again. Another flow of aggressive words jumping at Dot's throat. She wanted to say sorry or something. But each time she tried to speak up, Jae talked louder and louder. Like a child getting scolded by a severe parent, she looked down and water started to rise in her eyes.

Don't cry.

She dug her nails in her palm. No crying allowed. Not here: there was Jae who could kill her and that other person she knew nothing about. Crying was a sign of weakness. She shallowed it down. It was her turn to speak now. Her voice was shaking.

"One of the staff rooms. Maybe it was block A or block B? I can't remember."

She raised her eyes and locked her sight with Jae's. She pulled her taser out and readied her sword. Her voice dropped an octave and her eyes were empty.

"I'll take care of it."

With that, she left.

(Dot iz gone.)
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