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Fiyori had become so enchanted, she hadn't even noticed at first. Scout's appearance, that is. Still, she tried her best not to get startled when she noticed, and it was a success for once. Fiyori glanced over to Scout. She had noticed the gun in her hands, and noticed Scout mouthing something at her. It wasn't quite clear what the other girl meant, but it felt good to see, so Fiyori flashed a smile back.

Who Scout was, or what she had done did not matter in the least to Fiyori. In that current moment, all she cared for was that Isabel would die.

A drop of saliva escaped the corner of her lips. Fiyori licked it away.

At the same time, however, she noticed that shit was going down around the corner. Couldn't see quite what was up, but from the sound of it Noah was getting stabbed to hell and back. Fiyori suppressed a hateful grunt, and with care took off the bag of hers. It made the most silent thump as it slid to the floor, but Fiyori was sure Isabel wouldn't hear it.

Fiyori turned around the corner.

What gives you the right?

Well, what did give Fiyori the right to kill another human being? What entitled her to do take a life? Something Fiyori pondered a lot the last few days. Complicated matter, and now matter how many answers she tried to create, all of them lacked something inherently important.

Regardless, as Fiyori took step after step, inching closer and closer, her resolution to kill only grew.

Then Isabel turned around, and Fiyori stopped. They locked eyes, and Isabel screamed something at her. In return, Fiyori began to laugh.

"Alright, fuck the navelgazing."

Fiyori laughed. Fiyori laughed. Fiyori charged.
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