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Noah remained frozen as Isabel looked at the injury he gave her. The blood was starting to seep down her body, and like Noah, even she looked in complete disbelief at the nature of the injury. Noah slowly started to back away, hoping that she'd just drop to the ground and that would be it. However, to his dismay, she charged towards him. Noah quickly held Sawlaska out in front of him, hoping he could use it like a hockey stick and push her back, but the amount of force she brought onto it caused him to go tumbling to the ground with her.

Noah screamed out when Isabel's knife first plunged into his chest. Isabel prepared to stab him again, but quickly, he swung Sawlaska up and struck her in the face. He had hoped that would knock her off of him so that he could at least try and crawl away and deal with his injury, but it didn't work. She was pinned hard on top of him, and her stabbing continued. One stab hit him in the arm, causing him to let go of Sawlaska. Noah knew he had screwed up. He should have waited before charging into the office with Lily. He should have aimed better to kill Isabel instantly. He should have stayed closer to Hannah. He should have stayed with Scout. He should have run after the group instead of trying to hold off Nancy.

This was it. He was going to die. He would never go to college, never perform in stand-up bars and drag clubs all over the country, never open his own club, never get on TV, and never become someone. He was going to be added to the body count of SOTF #6, and that'd be the end. Sure, people would probably be able to find his videos, and maybe there'd be some tributes towards him and everyone else who died, but that'd be it.

He really hoped his family would be okay. His mom and grandparents had so much faith in him and his dreams, and it was all gone now. His dad had missed out on so much of his life, and now he'd be filled with regrets. He wondered how his sister was going to take all of this. She was mature for her age, but how would she handle this? He hoped his stepmom would take care of that. She was smart, so hopefully she'd know the way.

Noah stared up at Isabel as she finished stabbing him. He coughed up some blood. He probably only had a few moments left. The bitch was acting smug, although the saw blade in her chest made it clear she had limited time left. Noah glanced a little past Isabel, noticing that someone was coming. No, it was two people. He smiled, then started chuckling.

"Here's my last joke: you did all this, and now you're gonna die too. Have fun in Hell, bitch."

Isabel turned around as the two other girls came into frame. Noah continued to chuckle. Okay, maybe he wouldn't feel so bad dying now. The universe had a way of balancing things out, it seemed. Noah started to close his eyes as Isabel and the other girls began to move. He had done his part, so now he could go.

Things would probably be okay without him anyways.

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