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Isabel stopped in her tracks as she stared at the sawblade sticking out of her.

Small, choked noises escaped her lips as blood seeped out of the wound, the pain searing. Her hand came down and touched the skin near the wound, almost in disbelief, before bringing it away and staring at her now bloodied fingers.

She looked back up at Noah and was instantly filled with rage. She screamed as she charged at the boy, ignoring the fire that scorched her insides, tackling him to the ground in spite of his attempts to keep her back. Her knife sunk into his flesh over and over again, almost as if it was being driven by its own will as Noah struggled to throw her off. The sling that he had used to injure her came up to smack her in the face, but she remained undeterred. She kept stabbing, kept the boy pinned, made sure he knew what true pain was before his worthless consciousness faded from the world forever.

Blood oozed out of the boy as his body made noise after noise as the knife hit, each more sickening to the ears than the last.

"What. Gives. You. The. Right?" she screeched out, in between each stabbing. "Fuck you!"

Warm blood ran through her fingers and onto the ground below as each wound turned into a grisly, fleshy reminder of her wrath.

Once Noah was barely struggling, Isabel's rage subsided and she stood up off of him, smiling as the stench of copper enveloped the halls. "This is what... you... get..." Isabel muttered out, between exhausted breaths.

Her own blood dripped onto the ground below, joining that of Noah's. She hissed as she remembered the pain from the blade sticking out of her.

Noah chuckled and muttered something, and Isabel turned her head around in response, her eyes narrowing as two more targets approached her from down the hall.
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