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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah turned his head back as he heard Isabel shout at him. Crap, she was coming after him, and that sword wasn’t the only tool she had to brutally murder him. Noah groaned a bit when he saw that she was coming after him. It looked like she really was as bad as the announcements made her out to be. He had suspected some parts of the announcements had to be exaggerated for shock value or to turn the tide of the game, but this clearly wasn’t one of those cases. To Noah, Isabel was the FOX News of SOTF: just as bad as you'd expect it to be from the premise alone.

Noah tried to keep running, but he could tell Isabel was going to match his pace. They were running down a long hall, and he wasn’t sure he could just duck in a room and shut the door before she came bursting in. Besides, that would just leave him trapped, and she'd probably find a way in no matter what he did. It wouldn’t solve the fundamental issue at hand.

Noah’s hand tightened around Sawlaska. He hadn’t used Sawlaska against a living, breathing person yet. He had tested it a few times when he woke up and before going to bed during the third night, but this was different. He’d be taking a life to save his own. He’d be playing the game, as the terrorists wanted.

He quickly pushed all morality debates out of his mind. This was easy enough to settle on. Isabel was getting closer, and she was going to kill him. She wouldn’t negotiate, she wouldn’t stand reason, and she wouldn’t just let him go now. If she killed him, she would then go on to murder anyone else she could find. The decision was made: Isabel was a threat, and Noah would have to man up and kill her. It would help his peers, and his family would surely understand.

Noah started to turn, changing his movements so he was now running backwards down the hall. He remembered the steps to using Sawlaska. At this point, it should be like turning on his webcam and recording a video: exactly what he was supposed to be doing with his life.

“Sorry!” he shouted as he swung Sawlaska back, then swung it forward.

Noah gritted his teeth as the blade flew through the air. Throwing the blade against random walls was challenging enough, but hitting a human being would be much harder. To Noah’s surprise, it connected. It took only a split second, but the blade was now sticking out of Isabel’s torso. His eyes widened and he let out a cry.

“Holy fuck, I got her,” he muttered to himself.

He stared at Isabel, keeping Sawlaska pointed out slightly in front of him. Was that enough to kill her? Taking a saw blade to the chest couldn’t be the easiest thing for a body to handle, so he prayed she’d drop to the floor quickly.
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