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Yes, It's yellow backwards
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Fuck it.

Fuck Jerry Fury. Fuck Matthew Moradi. Fuck Bart Cappotelli. Fuck this island. And fuck his fucking left eye.

He woke up in the same warehouse where he got 1-hit-KO’d. This time, for everyone’s but his pleasure, without his backpack, without his infamous pipe and without a flashlight. Luckily he opened his eyes when the sun shined through a little aperture at the exit. Luckily?

Heh. Luck. Yeah. Fuck his luck too.

Alan Banks arose from the floor using the shelf to help himself. When he attempted to follow the little light that entered from the door, he slipped with a soapbox and hit the ground again. To the hell with the soap. Alan kicked the soap. FUCK THE SOAP.

Well that gratuitous blasphemy could make anyone think that Alan was furious. And sure he was, but this is getting kinda repetitive so fuck the blasphemy.

After hours in the darkness, the transition to a new sunny day hit him like a second punch. That’s when he noticed that his eye and his face in general were killing him. Not in a literal way, but it did hurt him a lot. Somehow, the soft breeze relieved him while he was trying to think what to do next. At least he shouldn’t worry about some dirt getting stuck on his eye.

He didn’t really had anything to do.

Maybe he could walk it off and see what happens next.

((Alan Banks Continued From Let The Darkness Flow Through You))

And there she was. That bitch who could have contributed to his initial cause and decided she was too cool to join him. The same one he shooed off. Things could’ve been different if she decided to cooperate. Such a huge bitch. Huge bitch with a goddamn backpack who didn’t seem to notice his presence. He could sprint and choke her. His big hands around her narrow neck. A beautiful end and Alan finally in the spotlight as a brand new killer.

But you know... That’d be too boring, right? Yeah, like, he could do much better.

That’s why he followed Scout. He’d wait till she had to pee or something. He’d then appear stealing all her shit and would humiliate her until he got bored and killed her. Like the evil overlord he’d always been.

The thing is that he followed her. And then it looked like she was getting herself cornered on a room making things easier for Alan, but a voice interrupted him. The girl looked tired, but she ran towards the voice. Alan followed her running fast avoiding noise at all costs. He lost Scout behind a corner for some seconds and when he regained visual contact, ginger girl was holding a gun. That could only mean trouble.

Well, nobody really noticed Alan so trouble this time could mean backpack scavenging or an epic surprise attack. He could feel an adrenaline rush just by thinking about it. He rushed towards a room where he could see whatever happened without getting actually involved. Nobody seemed to notice him. Good move. He just had to hold his nervous laughter until he saw his chance. This was going to be fun.
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