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What was there to say?

Cass didn't know these people, not really. They hadn't known them before the world ended, and they would never know them like they had Trav. Jae and Dorothy had a shared history, ugly as it seemed; it kept their conversation burning. The only thing that connected them to Cass was proximity.

Jae was pissed, Dorothy was on edge, and whose side would Cass even be supposed to take? The look on Jae's face was scarily close to how Trav had looked, when he had found Jerry for the first time; but where had it gotten Trav? Dead with the shallows for a grave. Still, without context, Cass had no place to try to intervene. They had been useless as a mediator between Chris and Marco, years ago; so why should it be any better as an outsider?

It had been hard to think for a while now, anyway. Best to just let themself be forgotten until either of them turned their head to the side and remembered they weren't just surrounded by furniture.
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