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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Scout Pfeiffer continued from If That's Who I Am, Then I'll Fight Who I Am..)

Scout was having a blank afternoon up until she heard a familiar voice screaming bloody murder. A blank day, actually.

After she bailed on Asuka the day previously, she kept to herself, though it certainly helped that she did not run into another living soul. It was awkward, really, spending nearly an entire day with someone and going back to being a lone wolf. She told herself she did not need her, 'her' being Asuka. Scout's choice of parting words could have been... less blunt. To say the least. Maybe. But she didn't need Asuka. She could make it all on her own.

Things changed with a gun though. It was a means of protection, justice and all that junk, but it painted a target on your back too. And without backup, Scout had to be the one to look after herself. Damn near taught herself to sleep with one eye open, a far cry from the night previous were she slept like a log. To say her lack of sleep dulled her senses would be an understatement.

The screaming sobered her right up though. Someone was screaming further down the corridor, screaming about Satan.

Was that Noah? Christ, maybe that was him.

A sudden, ominous fear raked across her spine. She broke out into a jog and soon she was running down the hallway at full speed. Noah wasn't a friend, but he sure as hell wasn't stirring up trouble either. He was innocent, a civvie, as far as she was concerned.

It wasn't just him though. What was on the other end of that screaming? Another voice, telling the first to 'get back here'. That had to be a sign that Scout was getting close. Her brisk run into an all-out dash.

There was an intersection coming up and she could hear the sounds coming from the hallway on the left. She reached into her bag and grabbed for her gun. She pulled the bolt back with a sickening crack and turned the corner -

- and skidded on her boots, nearly tumbling over like a fucking goober. Scout stared at the scrawny girl who was pressed up against the wall.

Scout held up the hand that wasn't holding the gun, mouthed "it's cool", because she was pretty damn sure they both heard the same commotion. Her breath came in quick, violent bursts. Her heart pounded against her chest.
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