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Hazel looked up from her thoughts to see Jordan giving her a look somewhere halfway between shocked and embarrassed. She sat up and moved her hair behind one ear, positioning herself cross-legged on the floor between some of the vines that had crept into the tower. Outside there was the faint chirping of morning birds.

She thought back on what she said. Her whole face became pink and she leaned forward to punch Jordan lightly on the arm.

"I mean we've been sleeping in the same room as the guy!"

She settled back into her sitting spot and realized she'd been a bit too loud considering people with bad intentions could still be around.

"You perv," she added much quieter with a half-smirk.

Hazel calmed back down and flopped into her sleeping position to consider Jordan's thoughts on the matter. She was still a bit tired as if she hadn't slept well. Hazel buried her face in the bag she'd been using as a pillow and sighed after Jordan's sigh.

"I want to sleep more," she said into the bag. It didn't seem like a great idea. It was daylight now, and more likely that people were moving around the island again.

"I don't know what 'kind' he is. I want to trust him too, but I think it's best to be on our guard just in case. Even if we can trust him now, we might not be able to later. He might change.....we better pack up. We've got to meet up with him."

Hazel started stuffing things back into her bag and zipped it up. She took a brief look around the room, but it didn't look like there would be much that would make for a good makeshift weapon. She stood, took the chisel Jeremy left and stuffed it into her back pocket. The CD player was still on the table. Hazel picked it up.

"Ready to head out?"

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