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Enzo still might have been right, but Nate still couldn’t agree.

He couldn’t agree that Alvaro or Nancy weren’t the same people, or that they’d made a choice which put them on this path. Yeah, there were horrible people in the world, he knew that, but Alvaro and Nancy weren’t like that. The fact that the terrorists had put them in a situation where they felt they had to do what they’d started doing didn’t make them bad people, it just made the whole thing even worse.

So no, Nate couldn’t use them as a scapegoat. Whatever had happened in their heads to make them think that murder was the solution, there was no reason it couldn’t happen to him too. Maybe it was already happening, and he just didn’t realise it. Everything just felt like a matter of time at this point.

He looked up at Enzo as they offered their walk, and almost cracked a grin. It really was déjà vu at this point, leaving with a friend like he’d done with Matt just to calm himself down. Someone he trusted taking pity on him, trying to cheer him up like his friends always did. Better friends than he deserved, really. All they needed now was for him to have another panic attack and nearly blow himself up, and it'd be complete.

He shook his head turning to look back at the stained-glass window, no longer able to look Enzo in the eye.

"Thanks Enzo, really, but I don’t think anything can help anymore."

Thanks for trying, though.
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