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Kimiko was clearly someone of few words.

She lifted her hand as she opened her mouth, so drawn in by Kimiko’s gestures that she was about to mimic them herself. Fortunately, she caught herself before she started, realising that, no, in fact, that would be stupid, and hastily lowered her hand again. She coughed to clear her throat, just to distract from the awkwardness of this whole situation.

Whatever her deal was, there was probably a legit reason for the not talking. Maybe she’d killed someone, and had taken a vow of silence to punish herself? Maybe she’d seen horrors too horrific to ever speak again? Or maybe, you know, this was just her thing, for whatever reason, and standing there speculating wasn’t going to speed up the conversation. Maybe it’d be faster if she kept it to yes or no questions?

Oh right, she had one of those to answer still.

“Well, shit’s been shit. No-one’s tried to blow my head off yet, though, so thanks for not breaking that streak.” She pulled a face that signalled her general dissatisfaction with that upside being her current reality, then kept the conversation flowing. “Right now, I’m just looking around for someone. Name’s Alessio Rigano; you know him?”

It would be great if she did, because this manhunt had been going on way too long now. That said, Vanessa figured it would probably better not to say what she was planning though, just in case Kimiko was his buddy or something. It would suck for Kimiko, but more importantly it would suck for Vanessa having to deal with being on the bad side of someone armed.
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