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"Hey! Get back here!"

All it took was one slight hesitation for Isabel's latest prey to knock her sword out of her hands and get some distance from her. She chased him down the hall, the short distance that the two of them were covering feeling like it took an eternity. Her knife blade was pulled out of her pocket and ready for more blood. She wasn't going to be defied like this. She wasn't going to let someone who could easily become a threat later get away when he was an easy kill.

All she had to do is get up to him and stab him a few times, make it hurt. Then she could go back into the office, sit down with Lily again, and pretend like nothing happened. Go back to relaxing, go back to thriving. It'd be easy, Noah was a complete joke, and she was the single most dangerous person on the entire island. Everyone who tried to resist her died, and even the injuries they inflicted on couldn't finish the job. Nobody else stood a chance against her. She was going to make it to the end like it was nothing, even if she had to kill every other person on this godforsaken rock.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Noah swung his weapon in her direction, and she felt cold steel press into her belly.
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