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Just as Ben was approaching the chair, a voice sounded out from the corridor. Startled, he swung the beam of his flashlight around, and pointed it at the doorway, hoping to see who it was. "No! You'll just reveal where you are!" the voice reprimanded him. "Turn it off!" Fumbling, Ben switched it off. In an instant he was plunged into inky darkness. He slipped the flashlight into his pocket. Now hide! Ben looked around the room, his eyes still adjusting, then stumbled towards the chair, his hands reaching out before him. He got behind it, making sure it was between him and the door, and crouched down. He was trapped! We're trapped!

Yes, we're trapped. We shouldn't have come down here. Keep hiding!

What if... what if they want to hurt us?

Then we'll have to run or fight back.

We can't fight, we've got no weapons!

No, we don't. We... unless...

Ben had a thought. A desperate thought. But one that might work. He quickly turned around and sat against the chair, soaking his pants while doing so, and untied the laces on his left walking boot. He slipped it off and grabbed it by the top. Holding it in his right hand, he peeked around the chair, waiting for the new arrival.
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