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She did realise what she was doing with her choice of words, right? His brain wasn't just making that up, right? Was it just bad phrasing, or did she mean anything more by that?

He looked at her, hoping to see a sign of it being a joke, but none came, he only felt increasingly disquiet.

"I don't know, it's a mess, really."

She was right, he could have killed them if he wanted to. So he didn't want to kill them. Probably. But that still didn't mean they could trust him, there were so many ways you could hurt someone without killing them.

And Alex. He was with Alex, a thought half-forgotten in the jumble of days that had passed since they had last saw him. He'd thought of Jeremy as a killer at first, hadn't he, lumping together with Alex. And somehow he had been right, even if only after the fact.

"My gut says no, but I want to trust him? He's not the kind who'd... yeah, but, part of me says to watch out, I guess. I mean, just because he's not lying right now, doesn't make him one hundred percent reliable. But then another part of me says that I'm being a jerk for suspecting him because all he did was defend himself."

A sigh. It wasn't as if there was any way he could intepret Jeremy's actions based off four sentences. It just served to show how little he actually knew Jeremy. They'd talked, they'd argued, but Jordan still had no idea what made him tick.

"I really don't know, but I don't want to treat someone badly when they don't deserve it."
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