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Cass seemed a nice person. A bit on the coward side but that was nice. They didn't have any weapons or anything so they weren't a threat. They seemed to be friend with Jae. Dot didn't know them. Like anything about their existence was erased. So much thing happened and she could only remember seeing their face.

He was the opposite of Cass. He seemed aggressive. Kinda pissed. Made sense since Dot literally just threaten him to tase and sit on him. Yup, that was a bad idea. Dot knew about Jae. She knew how he was. When he got angry, he wasn't the nicest person to have around. He killed someone. Hit him until his interiors exploded and die. That was a gross thought.

She imagined how it felt. Feeling something inside of her leaking blood and like dying from the inside.


But something happened. This could have been a normal conversation. Well, kinda. Up until she said about Al, it was just a tense talk between teens.

When she pronounced his name, Jae tensed up. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to tell where she got her knife-sword.

"I guess? I mean, no, I'm the one who left. I left him like in pain and weaponless so I guess it will be fine?"

That last part was a lie, he had a gun. Jae didn't need to know that.

"He's probably still over there."

She realized what Jae meant. She left him there. She let him alive and well. So it was like he walked away and nothing happened to him.

"Are you... are you telling me I should have killed him?"
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