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((Clarice Halwood continued from All Good Things To Those Who Wait.))

This area smelt of corpses.

Granted, everywhere was starting to stink of death. But, likely due to corpses getting mixed up in the water flooding the place, this area really, really smelt like ass.

Clarice wasn’t sure what she was hoping for. There were maybe some vague ideas in her head that this hospital might have… something, anything… that she could use. It didn’t seem to be much of an idea, but it was all she had to go on. Better to focus on that than get all hopeless. Better to focus on that than on grief when it wouldn’t do her any good.

She didn’t bother to be quiet. There was no way it would work down here, and even if it did… well, if she was seen then that’s how it went.

Clarice wandered down the corridor, and heard splashing ahead of her. So someone else was definitely down here.

She could have run, but… well, fuck it.

“Hellooo?” she called out tentatively. Her voice was a little hoarse. Maybe from yesterday’s smoke.
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