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So it was back to the Staff Area. Fiyori couldn't exactly point out what pulled her to the doctors office. Her path didn't follow any particular path. In fact, she could've at best called it a hunch, the thing that drove her to the place. They - Alba, Brendan and her - started their little voyage together at this location. Made sense if Fiyori began tracking Alba with the staff area as a start.

Had she been just a bit more superstitious, Fiyori would have proclaimed the place was beckoning her.

Either way, her search had become a huge success.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from The Wicked Die Alone ]]

Fiyori clung to the wall. Just around the corner, just a bit farther ahead, was where she heard the unmistakable voice of Isabel. Again, threatening someone else.

It was a wonderful feeling. Her heart beat quickly. Her breathing gave away her excitement. Every muscle in her body was bursting with anticipation. Fiyori held her own arms tight, the sensation was so much more. So much more intense, so much more sensitive. She pet her own skin, and shuddered with delight.

She closed her eyes. She could see Danny, she could see him dying by Isabel's hand. Fiyori could see her own hands stretching out, grasping the fuckers neck and strangling her so long until even Isabel's neck broke under the pressure.

Someone, then, moved into the hallway. Fiyori peeked around the corner. Noah, huh?
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