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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba sniffled as the boy listed off a bunch of names. She tried to take them all in, but then felt even worse. She hadn't seen a single person he asked about. She knew a few of them were killers, like Alessio Rigano and Caedyn Miller, but that was it. She was starting to feel upset she didn't know more seniors in her school. That could have been a lot more helpful. Then again, just knowing someone didn't matter if she hadn't actually seen them.

"Um, sorry, I haven't seen any of them. Uh...who have I seen?"

Alba started to count on her fingers everyone she could remember she saw on the island.

"I've seen Bryony Adams, some girl named Sandra, Arthur-oh wait, he died. Darnit. Um, I've also seen Kimiko Kao, Brendan Harte, Jonathan, Candice...uh...who else..."

Alba raised a brow.

"Oh, and yesterday I saw a boy named Jae who tried to kill me and Brendan. I also saw Bradley and Bernadette die, but that's about it for who I've seen."

Alba scratched the back of her head.

"Sorry, I'm not much use to you, am I?"
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