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((GMing approved))

Noah didn't even have time to react before Isabel was already leaping towards him and pointing a sword at his chest. He froze in place, his eyes widening and his teeth clenching. After six days and numerous murders, he shouldn't have been surprised Isabel Ramirez would immediately try to kill anyone who came her way. Still, it was not fun to be on the opposite side of her blade, and Noah now knew every second mattered.

Lily tried to speak up in Noah's defense, which he nodded to.

"Yes, I agree," he said. "I like being penetrated, but not like this. Ha ha."

His laugh was too nervous for his liking. Spouting jokes may not work in his favor. He didn't have much of a relationship with Isabel back in Kingman (not that he would have considering her personality), so his sense of humor was probably not to her liking. Heck, she called him "Drag Queen" like that was an ethnic or racial slur, so clearly she was not his fan.

"But yeah," he blurted. "We don't need to fight. I can very easily walk away from here, and you will never see me again. How's about that?"

Noah looked over Isabel. The last few days had been hell for her. She looked like enough people have tried to kill her, or that everyone she killed fought back as hard as they could before expiring. The glare in her eyes told Noah that she wanted him dead no matter what. He knew then that there wasn't going to be any chance of negotiating. This wasn't Nancy-chan on the beach who was looking for a reason to kill him. Isabel wanted him dead for the crime of existing. It was just like the majority of the Bible-thumping rednecks in America, but put into the body of this tiny ballerina before him.

He had to go. He was in the doorway so he could easily bolt back into the hall from whence he came. Then he could run as far away from Richard Ramirez's bastard daughter as he could. He needed a moment, however little, and he certainly didn't need her to chase him with that scary-ass sword.

Fortunately for him, he saw a moment. Isabel glanced over briefly to where Lily was, so Noah reacted. He tightened his grip on Sawlaska's handle and lifted it up as quickly as he could. Sawlaska hit Isabel's sword, pushing it away from his chest and off to the side. The moment he felt the connection, he stepped back and bolted down the hall.

"NOT TODAY, SATAN!" he shouted as he ran into the hall.

He turned back to see if Isabel was following him. He prayed his Bianca del Rio reference would actually save his life and not prove too ironic in his last moments of life. He was all for a joke, but not one like that.
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