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Isabel opened her mouth to retort to Lily's mutterings, only to turn her head to face the new arrival.

She sprung up, whipping the sword in front of her, the blade a few inches from Noah's chest. "Sup, drag queen?" She hissed from between her teeth, her eyes narrowed. "Don't. Fucking. Move."

Why is it that she could never get some peace and quiet? Why was she always running into other people or having other people always run into her? Why couldn't they just keep to themselves and remove themselves from the gene pool quickly and quietly? Why did they always have to be a nuisance, and then put up a fuss when she got them out of the way?

This was just how it worked.

"Give up and I'll make your death quick. Struggle and I'll make sure it's as painful as I can manage."

She tilted her head to the side, sizing up the weapon that Noah had in his hand. Scanning it and potential ways of disarming him in case he tried anything.

Her gaze returned to Noah's face as she hissed out some final words, her voice malevolent. "Your choice."
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