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"So this is it then, isn't it?"

He looked the spectre in the eyes.

"It's over, isn't it? I'm finished, otherwise I wouldn't be seeing you right now..."

Michael looked towards the ground, as if thinking of something to say, his lip quivered.

"In a way yeah... It don't gotta be though, you coul-"

"Don't. I don't want to. I won't go back, there's nothing there for me."

"Jon that ain't up to me, I c- I can't ju-"

"Well, you had a choice to leave me when Alex showed up! Now, I choose to go too! I can't go back! Y-you can't leave me again!"

He grabbed Michael's collar, before he stepped back pushing Jon off of him.

"Goddamnit I never fuckin' left you! I'm here now ain't I?"

Jonathan rebutted.

"How do I even know you're real, huh? What if you're just some dream, what if it's not really you? What if you're gone, nothing afterwords and I never get to see you again?! You threw away your life to protect me?! Well good job, now I'm here too!"

"It wasn't my fuckin' choice! I never had a choice! There was no way I was getting out of it without one of us getting killed, Jon! I tried, I tried my fuckin' best, and it didn't matter!"

"And you think I didn't try?! What was I supposed to do, just find a corner and wait it all out!? Help isn't coming... It never was, people don't care about us, the people here don't even care about themselves! We never had a chance! I didn't have a choice either!"

A bright light clicked on behind Michael, turning him into just another silhouette.

"I came to tell you that you have a choice now. I know I told you to give up... but, you could do more Jon, you're stronger than you think you are."

He turned to walk into the light. Jon called out, running to him.

"W-wait! Don't leave me!"

He caught up, grabbing Michael by the hand.

"The other choice! What was it?"

Michael tilted his head towards the bright spot in the darkness.

"I won't blame you if you choose the other one. I'd understand why... It's my fuckup that we're here anyways."

"Could I go with you? I... I don't want to be alone anymore."

Michael held Jon's hands and looked into his eyes.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"I-I'm sure... There's nothing left for me here."

The two held each other close as they walked towards the opening.

"I'm... I'm sorry I got you into this. I never meant to hurt you."

Jon could see the tears falling from Michael's eyes.

"It wasn-... You didn't mean it. I-it wasn't you fault, it's okay. Only one of us could make it home anyways. I'd rather be here than there anyways. This was the best way it could've turned out for us. L-let's just go."

The two took the time to make one last hug before they moved on.

Jon wasn't afraid anymore. He didn't regret his choice, and he knew he wouldn't later on.

It was over, it was all finally over.

B040- Jonathan Gulley- Eliminated

"Are you okay?"

Jon's eyes opened, he gasped, then took a deep breath. He looked around, that familiar scent of rust filled his nostrils.

He was back in the store room, and Amanda was staring right at him.

It was right there... He was so close... It was over- he was done!

Alex got to die, Will got to die! Why was he still here?! Why was he still alive?!

It wasn't fair! T-this wasn't fair!


He finally had some closure, some peace... and it was all taken away from him yet again.

"Why'd... Why didn't you let me die?"
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