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Her answer had been sparse with details. Details were important. They signalized the movement from the abstract to the concrete. A thing that has details ceases to be a vague idea, and instead becomes a true reality. Fiyori had sword to see people dead. And yet she still preferred to keep her oath one step removed from her sense of reality. If she thought about Isabel, Fiyori began to hate. And when she began to feel, all she could see was Danny's lifeless body hanging somewhere out there.

Fiyori didn't want that. The death of her friends, as inescapable as it was, shouldn't be thought about any longer than what was absolutely necessary.

Brendan didn't knew of the details either, but he was attentive. Or perhaps it was too obvious. When he looked at her and mentioned Isabel, she gave him an affirmative smile. He didn't know about Georgia Lee. And that was better, to be honest. GLD was a bit more of a complicated matter than Isabel. Hell, Fiyori herself couldn't understand all of it. No way she'd be able to explain it to Brendan.

"Alba? Oh, I thought you had noticed as well. She went off on her own, couldn't quite get where though."

Fiyori shrugged. But she could feel a bit of anxiety rising in her. "Hehehe, but y'know. Alba got the gun, she'll be fine."

She looked out to the sea once again. The sun was barely shining, and a breeze crossed her face. The was a dark cloud forming on the horizon. Before Fiyori could take note, it had expanded and engulfed all. The wind was howling, louder and louder until her ears were drowning with the cacophonous hymn. The gales carried a thousand shards of glass, and as thunder struck, so did the storm. Fiyori felt her skin being shredded into pieces,

and she stumbled back.

"...I'll go look for her. I'll be at the crematorium at sunset, got that?"

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Die Anywhere Else]]
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