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Brendan just listened silently as Maxim told him what had happened over the last days before and Brendan couldn't help but feel glad that Maxim had not gone through a lot worse than him. It was a selfish thing to think about but Brendan wanted to be honest about what he thought. Maxim hadn't become a killer like him. And Maxim hadn't became a victim to anyone. So in a way, Brendan was relieved to hear what Maxim said. Well, not the parts about Cristo and Junko being dead. Those parts were awful to hear and he hated remembering their names on the announcements. It hurt to hear people's names. Even people that he didn't know at all. It still made his heart ache. He also wondered if he could help Maxim search for his allies. How would they react to him? Knowing that he was a two-time killer? He wasn't going to become a player but if he had no choice in the matter, then.... Whatever happens will happen.

Maxim was asking about him and who Fiyori was. He didn't even get a chance to introduce Fiyori to Maxim as she basically did it herself. Then she was talking about wanting to see two people dead. Was he one of those two people? He had made Bernadette die by accident. But not everyone was going to see it that way. Accidental murder. One person who he considered too dangerous was Isabel Ramirez. She needed to be stopped. She was going too far with how many people she had killed. Eight people? That terrified him. But he was getting a little paranoid about what Fiyori said. He needed to say something, but he was going to hold back what he wanted to ask her.

"I can agree with someone who needs to be stopped, Fiyori. I think that person is Isabel Ramirez. She's killed too many people and someone needs to take her down." Brendan gave a small nod towards Fiyori and then he glanced back at Maxim, sighing softly. ".....I haven't been great, Maxim. I've done a lot of things that I regret. A lot of mistakes were made because I didn't think things through. And now Jerry and Bernadette are dead because of me and there is nothing that I can do about it. But I'm glad to have Fiyori and ....Alba...."

Wait, where was Alba?

Brendan turned around to look for her, his breathing was getting a bit hollow. He couldn't see her anywhere. Hadn't she just been behind him and Fiyori a few minutes ago? He needed to calm down. Maybe she was trying to catch up to them. Or maybe she is in danger and he wasn't there to protect her.

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