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Cass began to dissolve into their seat, hands and torso burrowing deep into the cushioning as they shrank away from the conflict. They didn't want Jae to get hurt after he had gone out of his way to talk to them for even a little while, but they didn't want to see anything happen to Dorothy, either; even if they didn't know her. They didn't know what she and Jae had been through together, what they had done to each other, but they were already long weary of even the threat of violence. Even though it was clear neither was looking to start any trouble with Cass themself, the sort of safety that let you hear the screaming from outside the filthy cage you had sought refuge in still killed you slowly.

Still, Cass had no weapon, no willpower to use one even if it existed, and no energy to try and talk them down or even stand up. Thankfully, it looked like Dorothy had immediately talked herself down, flickering through emotions fast enough for none of them to really find a place to rest on her face. First anger, then fear, then regret, then what seemed to be...some sort of friendliness? It seemed like she was going to settle down on the last one, at least for the time being.

"Me?" Cass said hesitantly, for even knowing that Dorothy probably wasn't referring to anyone else it was still strangely surprising to be picked out of their spacious crowd of two like that. "I'm Cass. I'm just, uh, here."
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