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Rene sighed. Blair was trying to be optimistic, but it was painfully obvious that she was forcing it.

"Fringed ornamental tarantula." She recited from memory. "Much more venomous than the usual tarantula. Bites can cause intense pain, muscle spasms and..." She trailed off. She knew all of the known symptoms, but she didn't want to verbalize the last few, mostly because they would involve expressing what she already knew would probably happen to her in the near future.

"... yeah.' She mumbled. She looked down, to the side, and all around, seemingly doing whatever she could to avoid looking Blair in the face and tell her that she was probably dying now. She looked at her hand again. The area around it was already starting to turn red, and it still hurt like a bandit. The process was already getting started. She was expecting to see swelling any minute.
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