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“Awesome. Alright, uh…”

Okay, Alba was willing to talk. That was great. If she had news on if she’d seen the people on his list then then that could help him, a little bit. The specifics of how he wasn’t quite sure of at this point but he knew it would. Maybe it’d help him find their locations, maybe what she told him could give him an idea of where their heads were at. Maybe they’d done something that he didn’t know about and because of that warranted some caution when talking to them. He didn’t know. They’d help, though. Definitely. He just had to know if she’d seen them. If she had come across the people he was talking about, then he'd be a happier man just for knowing that information.

He was also, admittedly, already slightly happy when she’d lowered her gun. Relieved, the better word was. It meant that he didn’t have to pick up his. It meant that they wouldn’t have to fight. It meant that this wouldn’t end up like Junko again.

...And yeah. That was probably the best part. Maybe he wouldn’t have to do it again. Maybe he could just talk and then be able to do his things and after that figure out what was next.


That’d make him happy.

He had to ask the question first, though.

“Okay. First question. Have you seen any of the following? Emma Luz. Serena Waters. Alessio Rigano. Clarice Halwood. Anyone else possibly important. Jasmine Reed, and Caedyn Miller.”
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