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((Noah Whitley continued from Forklift Driver Klaus))

Noah sighed. He couldn't believe he was alone. Again. Why was it every time some asshole with a penchant for destruction showed up, it resulted in Noah losing track of all his friends. After fleeing the storehouse, he had run back to the asylum, which was apparently not where Hannah was going. Now he was wandering the halls of the asylum on his own, muttering curses as the crate pusher. Sure, he had avoided a potentially dangerous situation, but losing yet another ally was starting to bug him.

"Great," he muttered to himself. "At this point, my most stable relationship here is with Sawlaska Thunderfuck."

Noah looked at the slinger in his hand and shook his head.

"If this is my only serious relationship, at least let it be with something that can get me off, not something that can let me off people."

Noah sighed again and kept walking. It was getting late, so he'd probably have to find another room to lock himself in. Surely there was something he could use nearby. He could pass another night doing stretches and telling jokes to a camera. He may have to take count of his food and water. He had to be getting low, and he may need to find alternatives somewhere on the island.

As he walked, he slowed down when he heard a voice talking. He recognized the voice, causing him to smile a bit. He hadn't heard the voice since he was on the beach getting shot by Nancy-chan. If it was that person, maybe the others were with her too. Noah walked over to the door and pushed it open.

"Lily," he said. "Is that you?"

Noah looked in the room. His smile vanished the instant he saw who was in the room. Lily was there, but she wasn't accompanied by Rene and Blair like he had hoped. That would have been too good for Noah considering the trend that was occurring.

No, instead, she was sharing a room with the biggest killer on the island.

"Fuck," he muttered to himself.
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