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Now Jeremy honestly sorta felt like an ass?

Like, given her reaction and the words she was speaking and the desperation in her voice it was clear that she was shaken up about what she did. Jeremy knew that feeling. He’d… maybe he hadn’t really felt it himself in the way she was feeling it but he got her. She killed a person. She didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter as well, apparently. Being grilled about it by what maybe was the first person she met wouldn’t have been a very fun feeling. He knew that. He saw that with Alex. Maybe Jeremy didn’t totally understand, maybe Jeremy couldn’t totally feel empathy here, but he knew he messed up. Pressed a button he shouldn’t have.

And the way he reacted, too. It was him expressing relief, yeah, but it probably felt… dismissive. Rude. ‘Oh, you killed your friend. That’s not really a big deal.’ Probably something Alba wouldn’t really react well to.

...Probably something the girl holding a rifle at him wouldn’t react well to, either. An explanation was owed for. An apology, also.

“Sorry. Didn’t intend to grill you or dismiss you or anything. You haven’t been on the announcements yet so I got surprised and was like ‘oh shit, she may have killed one of my friends.’”

A brief pause.

“And yeah. Sorry about what happened. Given what you’re saying and how you’re saying it it doesn’t really sound like all that great of an experience for you, so, uh.”

He looked down. For a brief second. He looked up. All around.

“And yeah. You can pass. I’m not the toll booth guy or anything.”


Hang on a moment.

Alba was a new person.

“Mind if you answer a couple questions for me, though?”
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