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((Lily Caldwell continued from Paradies Naiv.))

It just made no sense.

That’s all Lily could think, or maybe it was the only subject her brain was comfortable touching. Better than innards and dying cousins. But not much better.

Lily curled up on one of the cots, staring at the wall.

“Why’s it so easy for you?” she muttered under her breath, still not looking at Isabel. “Why does everything just…”

Honestly, she was angry. And not for the same, more legitimate reasons that she’d been angry at Isabel before. Because Isabel was, quite frankly, barely human. But she was thriving. She was doing well. No matter what happened, no matter how she rampaged like a bull in a china shop, it was always Isabel that won. And when she played the game, she was happy.

Why couldn’t things be that easy for Lily?

It just made no sense that Isabel could even exist.
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