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Speaking with Johnny seemed fruitless. He was one of those loud, trashy people, or at least he struck Blair as such, but apparently whatever horrible things he'd experienced had taken a toll. Not that she could blame him; it was a pretty traumatic situation to find yourself in.

Still, that didn't mean Blair could make small talk with him easily now that he was all sad and mopey. "Hey, we're kinda not too keen on visitors, so if you-"

Rene made a noise, and Blair's head whipped to look at the other girl. She saw something large and brightly colored in the grass near her, and for a moment Blair thought it was a snake and suppressed a scream. Luckily, it was only a gigantic spider, so she wasn't as embarrassed when she did scream.

"Jesus Christ!" She gasped, voice trembling as she coughed once. Clearing her throat, Blair moved over to Rene, who was sitting morosely at her bag. "Hey, did you see that thing?" Then she saw the tiny speck of blood on Rene's palm.

"Shit, are you okay? It didn't-" she didn't want to finish that sentence.
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