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((Skipping to get death started))

Rene nodded to Johnny. "Yeah, same for us too." She replied. "Not a whole lot of good days lately."

She took a bandage out of its pack and applied it to her finger, taking special care to ensure that it was fastened securely. Once she thought she had a good fit she closed up her kit and bend her finger a little to test the flexibility of the bandage. It was a bit stiff, but manageable enough. She smiled at her dressed cut and moved to get up.

She placed her hand on the ground to help push herself up, but felt something strange. She could feel something fuzzy under her hand for a few moments before she felt a sharp pain shooting from her palm all the way up her arm She yelped as she pulled her hand away to see a large spider under it.

She squinted at the spider to get a better look at it before it scurried away. It was big and hairy, with a black and white color scheme, almost resembling zebra stripes in a way. She had seen a spider like that before during one of her research projects. She just had to remember...

... Oh. Oh crap. She recognized it. A fringed ornamental tarantula. A venomous spider.

She flipped her hand to look at the palm, and her eyes immediately widened with panic. Two blood spots at the heel of her palm. She had been bitten.

"Oh crap, oh crap..." Rene muttered frantically as she reopened her first aid kit. She needed antivenom, and she needed it fast. She moved things around took things out, and did everything she could to find something that could dispel the venom before it took its toll on her. There was bandages, tape, asprin, scissors, and a bunch of other stuff that she didn't even know the name of nor use for. But in spite of all of that, she couldn't find an antivenom.

Her arms fell limply to her side as she looked down at the kit. There was nothing she could do.
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