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How had she been?

Only answer was awful. Things had been bad ever since she had killed Caleb. Everyone she had met distrusted her, not that she blamed them exactly but her last encounter with Penelope, Ben and Raina had hurt. She considered the best way to respond to Vanessa's question. Kimiko didn't believe she deserved much better than what she had been given. It was the path she had committed herself to when she decided to stab Cristo. It was something she deserved.

So how had she been?

Been better.

It was a simple response but it covered her emotions well.

Kimiko wondered how Clarice was, she hadn't heard anything on the announcements so she assumed her friend was still alive, she hoped she was at the very least. Clarice deserved as much. She thought about Enzo and how they were willing to listen and talk to her like a person. After the cliffs Kimiko assumed that would have been the last time someone talked to her as if she was a person but Vanessa, while clearly unsure and wary of her was still being civil. Kimiko wondered if it would last though.

Painstakingly she spelled out another response to Vanessa.

"What about you?"
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