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((Isabel Ramirez continued from Paradies Naiv))

Isabel sat on one of the lumpy cots in a random doctor's office, looking over her hands again.

Upon making absolutely sure they were clean for the eighth time, she put her arms back down and sighed.

They had visited the shoreline very briefly to allow Isabel to clean herself off, and after they had finished they returned to the asylum. Now they were sitting in silence once again, with no explicit direction or purpose guiding either of them.

Dust floated through the air in front of her as she absentmindedly kicked her legs. Nothing really needed to be said between herself and Lily. Nothing that could be said was really all that important, and the only purpose it would serve would be inevitably driving a wedge further between them.

Deep down Isabel still wanted Lily to actually like and talk to her, but she knew that simply was not going to happen. Their partnership was born for pragmatic reasons, and it would inevitably die for pragmatic reasons. They weren't friends, they were simply two people stuck in a situation together; Lily made Isabel look better for the cameras, and Isabel kept Lily safe. That was all their partnership was and that was all it was ever going to be.

She looked up at Lily and away from her still kicking legs, almost opening her mouth to say something, before deciding against it.

There was nothing to be said.
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