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Penelope couldn't contain her excitement as Lili finished talking, letting a small, enthusiastic noise escape her lips as Lili finished talking.

"That's... exactly what I wanted to do!" She said, before energetically barging her way into the room and sitting down next to Lili, stirring dust into the air. "Like basically," she began, her voice tinged with energy, "I wanted... I wanted everyone to get together and then... stop fighting completely until they... kill us all."

Penelope rubbed the back of her head, unsure of how to continue. "It... never sounds as good out loud as it does in my head, but like... the idea is in a normal terrorist attack, we would have all died instantly." She paused, dust particles floating past her vision. "We would all... we'd already be dead. And I think that we should all be able to just... accept that."

She gently took hold of her left arm and averted her gaze, the usual awkwardness of the situation becoming steadily apparent. "It sucks, I know it does. But it happens. We aren't any more special than anyone else. We don't deserve to live more than anyone else." She swallowed, her words almost certainly being difficult to internalize. "We'd need to be strong though, and accept that not everyone gets to live a long, happy life. And that at least if it's us, it means that someone else doesn't have to suffer in our place."

Penelope paused, briefly teething her bottom lip before continuing. "All of that perspective is important, and I think we'd be able to convince plenty of people if we just talked things out with them."

She looked back up, glancing at Raina before smiling. "And of course, if we could escape, that's the better option. Right, Raina?"
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