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(Benjamin Lichter continues from If We Could Have Tomorrow in Technicolor)

Ben's feet sloshed through the water as he searched the basement. This, along with his flashlight, made stealth impossible. He didn't like that, but if he wanted to find his friend, what choice did he have?

Plenty, according to the voice that had politely suggested he refrain from coming down here. Now it was just muttering at him to slosh a little less.

"Stop complaining," Ben told it. "I can't do that; it's either sloshing or splashing, and splashing is even louder. Look." He then bent over, pointing his flashlight at the floor, and slapped the water a few times with his left hand, illustrating his point. Then he stopped and froze.

"What the hell are you doing?" whispered the voice. "I'm sorry," Ben whispered back meekly. "That was... that was..."

"Incredibly stupid, yes," hissed the voice. "Let's hope for our sake that no one heard that. Now, move, in case someone did."

Ben did as he was told. Moving further through the damp darkness of the corridor, he found a few things: gurneys, string, and a can of all things, but no Maxim. And then he found the strangest thing of all: He found an electric chair.
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