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Vanessa watched Kimiko pace across the room, relaxing her hands but not her guard. At least she wasn’t getting shot at.

Her mind raced, looking for clues about Kimiko, something she could use to break the ice and avoid the situation turning ugly. She didn’t want to think such a thing could happen, but it had without a doubt been happening for the past five days all across the island to people less fortunate than her. Now wasn’t the time to get naïve, not if Kimiko had a gun. It wasn’t like Kaitlyn, who may have been armed but was at least familiar.

Shit, Vanessa could’ve gone for having one of Kait’s weapons right now; maybe she should’ve stuck around? Well, too late to worry about that.

She stopped her ponderings just as Kimiko finished her water, snapping back to attention. She was about to open her mouth, try to start a conversation, when Kimiko beat her to the punch and traced her finger thorugh the air.

“…ok?” Vanessa cocked an oblivious eyebrow. “T-thanks, I guess?”

She flashed back an awkward thumbs up, since apparently this was what they were doing now. Christ, just once could she meet someone normal?

“So, uh…” she trailed her words, eyebrow still cocked, as she slipped her bag down off her shoulder. She needed a break. “how’ve you been…you? You know, all things considered.”
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