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Lili turned her eyes toward the newest voice in the room. Raina, from the warehouse. But hadn't she been with Johnny? How'd she end up with Ben and Pen, anyhow? Ben inquired after the fire -he'd seen it from afar - a line of pursuit dovetailing nicely with Raina's inquiry. She'd answer them both in one fell swoop, she decided, and explain just what it was they had been doing earlier.

"I found my stuff, still at the library," Lili explained, "Darius hadn't gotten to it, but Kizzy and two of her friends were standing guard over the place. They let me get my stuff - welcomed me in, actually - but soon after a fire started in the front of the library. No clue how it happened, since I was with Kizzy away from the door, but we made it out okay. The other two did too, we didn't hear their names earlier. They must be fine."

Clarice. Bart. She'd leave it to Kizzy if she wanted to say those names.

"They were trying to do something cool, too," Lili added, "Y'know, make a little safe haven here, round up all the good people, like us, and just...stop participating."

A pause. A beat of silence louder than the crashing of waves on the shore.

"...I'm all for that, personally."
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