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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba froze. Crap, she did mention that she killed someone, didn't she? In a game to kill your peers, that's probably one of the worst things you can admit to. Heck, even Brendan seemed torn about admitting to it, and she just blabbed it to some guy she didn't know who had a scary gun at his feet.

Alba blinked and pursed her lips. She could do this. She could explain what happened, and the announcement tomorrow would confirm that.

"It was Kaitlyn," she said. "She forced me to play a game with her, and threatened to kill me if I didn't. But I couldn't do it, and she shot at me. I didn't mean to shoot her, but I didn't have a choice. She wanted to kill me."

Alba fluttered her eyes as they started to water.

"I know, it's wrong to kill even if it's self defense, but please, I just want to find my friend. So is it okay if I just walk on by?"
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