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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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The boy on the bridge raised both of his hands in the air and insisted he meant no harm. Alba gulped, and looked around. There was a large gun on the ground by his feet. She had a gun, and so did he. Only this time she was the one doing the threatening. Alba clenched a bit when she realized that she was now in the position Kaitlyn had a few hours ago. The boy was afraid of her because she had the gun and was holding it up. She must have looked so terrifying to him.

"A-are you really?" Alba said, the gun shaking a bit. "B-because I just want to get across the bridge, and I don't want any trouble."

Alba glanced at the gun in her hands and the boy. She had already killed once today. She couldn't possibly kill anyone else, especially while she was alone. She had to find her friends. She had to find Brendan.

"But if you're really peaceful," Alba said, "then tell me: have you seen Brendan Harte? I was with him and another girl, but we got separated. I...I need to find him. Tell me, and I'll continue on. Please, I don't want to have to kill again."

Alba kept her gaze on the boy. She needed answers, and she needed to get across as soon as possible. That meant she was likely going to look like an aggressor to the boy, but it had to be done if she was to find Brendan.
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