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keep running yoshi
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Ben cautiously stepped forward, keeping space for Raina and Penelope to barge past him and handle the meeting with actual competence at their leisure. It was the sort of reverence necessary for entering a friend's home, in short, awkward deference and bumbling about.

He had to wonder what Lili and Kizi were seeing when they saw him, he had no sort of recent history with them, unlike his storied relationship with the camera. Raina and Penelope still looked fine, at least when the latter wasn't silently suffering a suit of vulnerability that she wore so well. In contrast Ben was probably bones and sticks on wheels. Lili in particular seemed enthusiastic to see him, and he couldn't possibly imagine why. Only a real hero, a real man, deserved a heroes welcome.

"Happily," Ben repeated.

Good to see someone hadn't let the miasma of the island become the stalker in their own shadow. He was able to force out a smile on Lili's behalf, she deserved that acknowledgement.

"Pretty fucking glad to hear that, Li."

Kizi, on the other hand, seemed to be more hesitant with her language with all the right in the world to be. The gun by her side also silently contributed to the conversation. Figured he'd finally spotted one when it least mattered and with the last person he would have expected. "Shit, I thought we might have seen plumes in the distance." He bit at a dry lip, trying to massage what moisture wasn't left in his body into the crumbling facade. "Glad you guys are okay... The hell happened out there?"
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