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Maxim thought his story was boring. Fiyori thought it was quite the ride. She raised her fingers, and chewed a bit on her knuckles. It wasn't a tale of 'boring', it was a tale of 'futile'. Maxim tried. He met people. He searched for allies. And all of that was for nothing. Well, he survived. Thus far. But even that was pointless. Maxim's people died. He'd die. That was all.

...no. No that wasn't her truth anymore. She had once thought like that, but the few days of SotF had changed Fiyori. Things weren't just 'futile' anymore. Things were just 'different', in an unknown but exciting way. Fiyori couldn't put all her fingers on it, but there was something bigger. Something beautiful, that destroyed the notions of 'boring' or 'useless'.

She tasted a bit of blood, so she stopped chewing on her knuckles.

"The name's Fiyori Senay, but I guess you already know."

Fiyori Senay, she knew she cut an interesting figure. Black, tall as shit, and blessed with piercing blue eyes. People did see her alright, and what they saw was in the end all the same. A thug, a mantis, a predator, a monster, a devil... something that did not belong into the world, to put it briefly.

"I am not a player, but I'll make sure I'll see two people dead. One for the sake of my dead friend. And the other one for the sake of my friend who'll... live."
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