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The world melted around him, warping, changing. Bright stars were filling his vision, as little pinpricks started moving their way up his skin.

He blinked once.

He blinked twice.

On the third time he woke up.

He felt the familiar wood of the Desert Plains Skate Park half pipe on his back. He looked up and saw stars everywhere, it was a pretty night. Someone must've had a radio nearby, he was hearing Handlebars by Flobots playing from somewhere.

He had no idea how he got here.

"Hey. You okay?"

Jon knew exactly who's voice he heard.

(( Michael Crowe continued from Real Human Being ))

"You look like you had some sort of fucked up nightmare man, everything good?"

A nightmare? T-that's all this was? Just some fucked up nightmare...

"Y-yeah, it... it wasn't good."

He moved in close and hugged him. He leaned back to look him in the eyes.

The scar. That axe-forced grin. All the blood...

It was still there. The memories of what happened were flooding back to him.

"Jon, I got some bad news for you."

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