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He heard her voice call out, echoing in the room that now felt so empty. Sorry. Trying to help, didn't mean to. Some words he'd find himself tormenting himself with for days, Not again. He was not going to let her have to deal with that. Not because of him.

"D-don't Amanda, no-not your fault." It very much was her fault, he knew it, she knew it, everyone watching this knew it. But there was no point in hammering that point in, she already sounded like she was on the verge of giving up, just like with Penelope. He was supposed to help her, not drag her further down.

"Tak-take my gun, and find your frien-friends, before it’s too late." It was weird, he figured he'd either go out kicking and screaming, having failed to do anything or drinking himself to death because fuck sense, but he’s killed the person responsible for his hellish stay here and made sure someone other than him was alright. Guess that counts for something.

"Ju-just do me a favour. Live." Words came out weak, compounded with the coughing and the gross feeling in his throat as he knew what was going to happen. His world was spinning around at this point as his vision became darker, like someone slowly pressing down on a light switch. His body felt numb at this point and he couldn't muster the strength to move, He closed his eyes at this point and just kept quiet. Alone with his thoughts as he felt his time run out.

He knew from the start how things would go, ever since he woke up with her close by with that gun, he knew this would end terribly. Up to now he'd forced those thoughts away, the morality of his actions. He was willing to kill for her, alive or dead. No way he gets up there with he's done. Wherever he would end up, sure as hell would be better than this hellhole.

Would he see her again? Probably not. And that was fine with him, if heaven and hell was true, then he sure didn't deserve to be with her.

Despite that and everything that's happened, he felt good. A small smile forced it's way on his face as his hands trembled at his sides.

It was all finally over.

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