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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from The Girl Who Owned an Island))

Alba sniffled as she continued to walk along the path. She had searched the area around the asylum, and hadn't found Brendan or Fiyori. She decided to try crossing the bridge. The asylum was too big to check alone, and they may have gone for some of the more notable places nearby now that the Danger Zones were gone. Alba wiped a tear from her cheek and began to cross the bridge.

She couldn't stop thinking of the sight of Kaitlyn bleeding out in the cave. The sight of her blood coloring the sea water, mixed with the smile on her face. It was such a creepy smile. Alba tried to think of anything else she could to distract herself from the image of Kaitlyn at the end, but nothing seemed to work. Alba's stomach felt heavy every time the image came up. It was likely she'd never be able to forget about it.

When I find Brendan, I need to give him a big hug. I owe him so many apologies.

As Alba walked across, the bags bouncing against her back, she kept the rifle by her side. It wasn't until she saw something nearby that caused her to raise the rifle slightly. She couldn't believe she was assuming the worst of someone she hadn't even fully identified, but maybe that was a curse Kaitlyn left her. After all, if her friend would try to kill her, why wouldn't a stranger?
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