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So close... Almost there.

Laughing. Laughing behind you. Was he getting back up? No... No! Not now, not when you was this close! Get up.

Get up!

He crawled onward, so close, yet so far. "I was wrong!" Shit... What? "Avengers...in earnest!"

What in the fuck was he talking about? Jon turned around to look. He wasn't getting up.

"Even...in death, you..."

"No more...masks..."

"No...see? This is...who we always..."

"That's...the game. Take off...the mask, and..."

Jonathan grabbed the seat, and wiped the blood from his eyes. Alex wasn't going anywhere. He had to get in the last word. The last laugh. That's all it was.

"And see...who's strong, and who's..."


He pulled himself up, using the shelf as leverage as he dragged himself towards Alex. Each step hurt. Each breath hurt. Each thought hurt.

"Survival...of the..."

Jon fell to the floor, forcing himself to crawl the rest of the way. He grabbed onto the edge of the shelf again, standing himself up. Don't you fucking dare die just yet, you bastard. Don't you...

Alex was dead.

Will was close to dying.

You were close to dying...

Jon dropped the seat and collapsed onto the ground, staring at the ceiling.

The world kept spinning, bright shapes were appearing in and out of his vision. It was...funny really, it was like going to the dentist.

It was all so... pointless, Michael was right about it. None of it mattered, none of them would make it home anyways. Pointless, so fucking pointless.

He watched the room melt away around him.

All of his friends were dead, and all the people who killed his friends were dead, or dying right here with him, right here in this room. Funny how that worked out, huh? He felt himself crack a smile at that thought, that these people wouldn't get away with what they did, and Jon helped it happen.

He walked in ready to die anyways. What did he have to live for anyways? Did it even matter if you were successful or not? Make sure Alex died for what he did to Michael, what he did to you? Darius' voice spoke up inside Jon's head, yelling "AW YEAH THERE WE GO, APC DESTROYED MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"

Yeah, mission accomplished.

It was fucked up, but he felt himself smile like a fool.
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