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And that wasn't so much a question as an order, really, to get outside. And she had been outside a few times, yes, mostly when they were collecting rain. She had savored the rain, reveled in the drops as they poured down her skin, washed off days of accumulated dirt and grime. But in the back of her mind had been that worry, that fear about someone invading their sanctuary. That fear that served as a background here in this island, even through the boredom of the past couple of days. And so she only stayed outside long enough for the rain to soak her a bit, and then ran back inside.

And Olivia wanted that, wanted to reclaim some part of herself, wanted to find some cards or watches, but at what cost? Why would she risk her life for a pack of cards?

Then again, why not?

Abby flashed in her mind again. Curled up, lying in red. But, no, instead of that, she was lying in dust.

Something surged in her. The same thing that pushed her from the first room, after her water had spilled. Some shadow of bravado.

So, after a few seconds of hesitation, she slowly nodded. "Sure."
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