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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba opened her eyes after the sounds of the uzi died out. The ringing was back. In that deafening sound, her eyes widened as she looked at Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn had dropped her crossbow into the water, which was now starting to turn red. Alba began to pant and shake. She had shot Kaitlyn.

"Kaitlyn? Oh god, I'm so sorry!" Alba shouted.

Kaityn was going to be so mad at her.

Except she wasn't. She was smiling. Alba shot her friend, and Kaitlyn was happy about it? Alba couldn't understand. Kaitlyn was having fun. She was enjoying the prospect of drowning. She was happy to be threatening a good friend of hers. And now she was happy that said friend shot her repeatedly? Alba couldn't understand it at all.

Alba started to tread through the water to the exit. Kaitlyn was making her way over to her. Alba didn't know if Kaitlyn was coming back to attack her out of revenge, but she wasn't staying there any longer. Alba tried her best to get out of the cave, trying to keep her arms above the rising water. As she left, she heard what sounded like Kaitlyn encouraging her. Every time Kaitlyn shouted Alba's name, Alba imagined her getting closer and about to strike her.

Alba reached the mouth of the cave and hurried out once she was free of the incoming water. She stumbled out into the sand and turned back. She kept the uzi by her side. She had no idea if Kaitlyn was going to emerge and come after her. She expected Kaitlyn to emerge with her retrieved crossbow and ready to fire it at Alba. Alba wasn't sure if she'd be able to fire back if that happened. This must have been what Brendan felt when Jae shot him yesterday. This must have been what Brendan felt when he killed Jeremiah and Bernadette...

Alba waited for a few minutes, but saw nothing. Kaitlyn wasn't coming out of the cave. All she could hear was the sound of the water crashing against the beach. Alba fell to her knees, dropping the uzi into the sand and continuing to stare at the cave. It was done. Alba had done it now. She killed her friend. She had gotten her required kill to go home. The whole island would know she murdered Kaitlyn tomorrow. They'd all know. Bryony. Fiyori. Kimiko. Jae. Brendan.

Alba clenched her eyes shut and screamed. She bent over, pounding her fists into the sand as tears began to fall down her face. It was horrible. Her chest hurt, her eyes stung, and her body was itchy all over from the salt water. She was done. She had killed someone, and now there was no way she could go home. Alba wasn't sure if her family would take her back if they knew she had killed her friend. She wasn't sure if she could justify it either. She was a killer, and now that's all people would know her for.

Alba let out a gasping cry. She had wondered why Brendan felt so guilty and hopeless after killing. She wondered how he could lose the will to go home when he killed to save someone and accidentally. Now she knew. It didn't matter the reason, killing was horrible, and even encouragement wouldn't help.

"Wait," she muttered. "Brendan..."

Alba looked up and around the area. No one was around. The bags were where they left them before the game. Alba picked herself up off the ground and looked at the bags. Brendan was somewhere nearby. She had to find him and explain what happened. Right now, he may be the only person who could understand her. She had to find him and she had to talk to him. She needed to confess what happened. She needed someone to tell her she could be okay.

Alba picked up the uzi and walked over to the bags. She threw the uzi into her bag. It seemed terrible, but she'd need Kaitlyn's stuff. People would know Alba was a killer, and if they saw her with Brendan, they'd assume the worst about the two of them. The game had truly begun for Alba now, so she needed to be prepared for what happened.

Alba slung both her bag and Kaitlyn's over her shoulder. She'd look through Kaitlyn's bag once she was somewhere safe and far away from the cove. She kept the rifle out, the strap over her other shoulder. For some reason, she felt better carrying Bradley's rifle than that uzi. Alba took one last look at the cave.

"Kate, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," she whimpered. "Please forgive me."

Alba sniffled, then turned away. She began to quickly walk away from the cove. She had to find Brendan. She had to find some help. She had to know what to do now.

((Alba Reyes continued in If You Don't Like What We Say, Try Living Here A Couple Days ))
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